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Diversity -God’s Big Idea!

With all the focus on Diversity these days, you’d think it was something new, but God got there first. Too often in the corporate world, it’s just an idealistic policy that’s not lived out in reality. But does the church fare any better?

The Bible makes it clear that ‘God is no respecter of persons’ and that salvation is for ‘whosoever will’ yet many churches are far from being truly inclusive and welcoming to all.

Diversity - God’s Idea is a poster set with captivating images and powerful messages that interpret the radical messages of the the Bible for the 21st century. Each poster tackles the social issues of gender inequality, racial prejudice, disability, exclusion etc from a Biblical perspective.

Reconnect with the radical heart of God with this original and challenging poster set. For Christians who are ready to embrace God’s Big Idea - Diversity!

A3 set of 12

A3 set 1  -  6

A3 set 7  - 12

A2 available individually

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